My Favourite Bullet Journal Supplies

For months, I have seen bullet journals all over the Internet. Everywhere I look there is washi tape, beautiful notebooks, colourful keys and lives being organised into diagrams, charts, and monthly spreads. It has always seemed like the perfect way to practice mindfulness, improve organisation and increase productivity. This year I decided to get creative and give it a go! Over the next week I’ll be sharing a few posts about bullet journaling – starting with a few of my favourite bullet journal supplies!

The Notebook

I spent hours researching which notebook would be right for me and I decided on the Leuchtturm1917 medium (A5) hardcover notebook with dotted pages. It has a table of contents, page numbers, ink proof paper and comes in lots of different colours. I chose emerald, firstly because I like it and secondly because I was a bit late jumping on board the bullet journal train and emerald was one of the only colours left in stock! I love this notebook so much. The quality is brilliant and the dotted pages make it so easy to draw and write neatly.

The Pens

One of my favourite supplies I’ve been using is the Pilot V Sign Pen with liquid ink and a 2.0 mm tip. It’s quite thick but great for making bold outlines around doodles and writing titles and headings. I got this pen from Paperchase for around £3.

Another Paperchase purchase! I got this pack of 12 colourful sign pens for £6. The tips are very small, perfect for writing, drawing, and colouring in my doodles!

Washi Tape

Yet another Paperchase purchase (can you tell I got a gift voucher for Christmas?). Paperchase has an amazing collection of washi tapes with loads of colours and patterns to choose from. To get me started, I chose this pack of 8 pastel self-adhesive paper tapes.The tapes are pastel red, orange, yellow, green, blue, lilac, grey and ivory. The handy little box is a tape dispenser with a serrated edge for cutting the tapes so that you don’t have to track down a pair of scissors!


I wanted to add a bit more colour to my bullet journal so I picked up this pack of 6 stamp markers from Flying Tiger Copenhagen for £1. The stamps include a blue cloud, a navy star, a green flower, a black arrow, a pink heart and a yellow sun. These are perfect for decorating my pages and can also be used as bullet points.

My final favourite supply at the moment is this little A to Z stamp set. It came with both black and red ink. I got this set for £4 in Flying Tiger Copenhagen. I love using these stamps for titles and headings but also to write words and quotes.

Having a bullet journal is giving me a great opportunity to get creative and I am having so much fun with it! I can’t wait to show you how it is going so far!


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