Baking Valentine’s Day Biscuits!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I decided to get in the spirit and bake some Valentine’s Day biscuits! So today, I put on the movie ‘Valentine’s Day’ and got baking!

I decided to make chocolate biscuits using the same, simple recipe I used to make Halloween biscuits back in October. Tanya Burr’s recipe makes enough dough for lots of biscuits, and I do mean lots. I always have dough left over because I never have the time or the oven space to use it all at once.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I used heart shaped biscuit cutters in a variety of sizes. I found these cutters in Sainsbury’s for £4!

I wanted to decorate my biscuits with lots of pink icing and sprinkles. I used food gel in the colour ‘Hot Pink’ to make 2 shades of pink, royal icing. I found these pretty pink ‘Princess Sprinkles’ in Sainsbury’s for £2.50 that includes little pink hearts, sugar pearls, hundreds and thousands and pink glimmer sugar.

I used a dinner knife to spread the icing onto each biscuit (some are much neater than others, you are only seeing the best ones!) and used the sprinkles to decorate them!

I have so many more biscuits than you are seeing in these photos! It took so long that I ended up putting on another movie.  There was icing sugar all over my phone, my camera, my laptop and the floor. Maybe you know that feeling or maybe I just haven’t got the hang of this baking and blogging thing yet, but either way – it was so worth it!

Look how cute they are?! I am so proud of my little creation!

I hope you are all having a great day! I am now off to make some dinner and probably eat some biscuits! 😀

Shannon x





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