Bye, 2016!

2016 was a year of swings and roundabouts. There were the countless celebrity deaths, I had a small army of rats living in my basement, I didn’t get to read half the number of books I wanted to read this year and I have never had to work so hard in my life. On the other hand, it was busy, beautiful and full of family, friends, and food.


In January I went on a beautiful adventure in the New Forest. Apart from that, I spent the month indoors because I discovered Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. It became a dangerous addiction that stopped me from sleeping and forced me to write an essay the night before the deadline but it was the most exciting few weeks I have ever had. And I passed the essay so no harm was done. This Netflix addiction only got worse throughout the year. Jessica Jones, Stranger Things, Gilmore Girls, Orange is The New Black. 2016 might have been the year when Shannon watched Netflix and did nothing else.


In February, my mum adopted a new cat called Sandy. She’s old and can’t see well but she’s cuddly and loves to chat.


In March, a group of us from uni put on a 1920’s gig called Glad Rags at a local venue.


Local bands, a photo booth, and fancy dress = 1 magical night

Together we raised £200 for Youth Music’s Give a Gig campaign. This is by far my greatest achievement and, fingers crossed, it might be happening again this year!


In April I finally read A Series of Unfortunate Events. They took over my life. Along with my dissertation on The Hunger Games that also ended up being an amazing achievement.

May and June

May and June went by fast. That time was filled with job applications, my first job interviews, rats in my basement and dreaming of graduation. I also went back to college for a night to see my old teachers and my sister win an “Oscar”! I also met Gi Fletcher at Waterstones and she was wonderful.

July and August

In July I stopped worrying about finding a job. I achieved a First Class Honours degree and enjoyed graduating with my friends.

During the summer I went on some lovely sunny adventures with my family and saw my favourite animal, elephants, in real life for the first time ever!

September and October

In September I moved house, got my first job and learned to catch a bus on my own. Beat that, anxiety. Autumn hit the UK in the most amazing way. Crisp leaves, golden sunsets and chilly mornings. 2016 made me realise that my favourite season is autumn.

Dad adopted Billy from Serbia. When we bet Billy he was quiet, didn’t know how to play and was scared to go in the garden. Now he enjoys long walks, running away with our shoes and endless cuddles.

November and December

I spent most of November and December either at work or in the kitchen baking. Mince pies, cakes, biscuits, pumpkin pies. I am so excited for another year full of yummy treats!

Blogmas was also a huge part of my December. I loved taking part, seeing what everyone was up to and sharing my own festive adventures with everyone!

New Years Eve, Midnight.

Last year I said I would get serious with blogging. My family and lecturers were telling me to stick with it. I wanted to read more books, create more content and have fun doing it. 157 blog posts later, I had the most amazing year creating new content and talking to new people! Thank you to everyone reading this. Maybe it was a year of Blogging after all.

Happy New Year!


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