Blogmas Day 23: I need sleep and Christmas movies

It’s Blogmas Day 23 and so far I have posted a festive post every day of December. Today I am going to have to put my foot down and say “NO SHANNON, NOT TODAY.”

Last night I said to Will “No Will, you can charge your phone overnight, my battery is almost full there is no need to worry about mine.”

Those were famous last words.

My phone died so my alarm didn’t go off at 6.30am. I over-slept by 2 hours, but luckily not too late to call work and warn them. With a streaming eye from an unwelcome eye infection, I ran to the bus stop only to wait 30 minutes for a bus that is supposed to arrive every 7. That bus took nearly an hour to get me to work instead of the usual 30 minutes. I was an hour and a half late. Work was chaos because it is Christmas and we’re preparing for a sale. It was also pouring with rain all day and my eye has been hurting the whole time.

But it’s okay, I wouldn’t let that stop me from having a good day.

Today I had a conversation with someone using a translation app on their phone. A language barrier wasn’t a problem at all and it was incredible. Technology is awesome even though sometimes your alarm doesn’t go off and you’re extremely late for work.

I finished my Christmas shopping, went to Boots and bought the last bottle of Micellar water (fate!), I bought a yummy lunch for tomorrow, I had a lovely shower so now I smell like Soap & Glory, I wrapped the last of the Christmas presents, I ironed Will’s work shirt and our sale t-shirts for Boxing Day, I baked a big batch of mince pies, watched The Santa Clause and now I am going to eat chocolate, apply some festive nails and watch another Christmas movie. Probably Christmas with the Kranks.

Whilst this does mean you don’t get much of a post this evening, I promise I will be back to my usual festive self for Blogmas Day 24!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas Eve Eve!

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