Blogmas Day 18: Wrapping Presents and Writing Christmas Cards

Today is Blogmas day 18 and me, Billy the dog and Stanley the cat have been writing Christmas cards and wrapping everyone’s presents! 

This year, my wrapping paper and cards are from Next. I also bought a little stamp from Paperchase to add festive cheer to the envelopes!

I love wrapping presents nearly as much as I love to buy them. It makes me so happy to make each gift look beautiful with matching paper, ribbon, bows and tags. Billy and Stanley love wrapping paper and ribbons too. It takes a really long time to wrap presents when you have a dog sitting on the wrapping paper and a cat chasing the ribbons around the living room!

This month, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find a perfect gift for everyone and I am so excited for Christmas Day and Boxing Day when I can see my family and finally give them their presents!

I’ve nearly finished my Christmas shopping now (It seems to have taken me forever this year!) Just a couple of bottles of wine and some chocolates left to buy from M&S.
Have you finished your Christmas shopping?


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