Blogmas Day 16: Preparing for Toy Day on Animal Crossing New Leaf

That’s right. I am not only worrying about Christmas shopping IRL, I still have to buy all my villagers presents for Toy Day on ACNL. 9 Days to go!

This was taken last week. Every year, the snow starts at the beginning of December before the snow storm hits on the 10th. This is my mini me replacing the town’s pathways with a snowy design in preparation for winter! And my holly bushes have berries on them just in time for the festive season. So cute.

Unless you want to be sneezing and shivering, you have to prepare some warm/festive outfits for the cold weather! My mini me has the Santa suit ready for delivering presents on Toy Day!

Here is Shannon decorating her house for Christmas and enjoying a cup of tea by the fireplace.

This is the spare room where Shannon goes all out and fills it with Jingle furniture until there is no room left to walk around.

The snowstorm hit on the 10th and now everywhere is covered in snow!

The drive in campsite now has a roaring fire to keep everyone warm. I kind of wish I could sit in front of that fire, it looks so cosy!

We made our first snowman! This is Snowtyke, he’s the littlest snowman you can make. Tomorrow we will make a Snowboy.


Here is my mini me getting a nice, hot cup of Jo before heading out into the cold to catch up with her friends!

The Christmas lights are now up all over town making The Capitol look even cuter.

Now for asking all of the villagers what they want for Christmas! They give really specific answers like “a purple doll” or “a brown musical instrument” and I’ll have to spend the rest of December tracking down the perfect gift to give on Toy Day!

Toy Day is approaching but I can’t forget my job as Mayor of The Capitol!

Today we had a ceremony to celebrate our new torches at the campsite! The villagers love a good ceremony to celebrate their hard work.

To end the night, Shannon headed to Club LOL to see old friends and listen to K.K. Slider perform!

And I thought that I have a busy life.
I hope you are all enjoying your Friday and looking forward to the weekend!


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