Blogmas Day 11: Girls vs Guys – Gingerbread House competition

It’s Blogmas Day 11! 

Today me and Will went to see my sister Sinead, her boyfriend Joe, my brother Matthew and his girlfriend Bethany. Together we listened to Christmas music and decorated some gingerbread houses we’d bought from IKEA.

The kits included all the pieces of the house already baked, we just had to decorate them and stick them together. We used royal icing, Dolly Mixtures, Skittles, snowflake sprinkles and chocolate buttons!

We made it a competition, Girls vs Guys. Us girls went for a traditional design whilst the boys decided to get creative and build a tank.

Us girls got to work straight away whilst the boys sat planning for half an hour. We were laughing at them. There was no way they could build a tank from a gingerbread house kit.

And then they started building one and we realised they were actually really good at it. They were so determined.

In the end, we ended up having 2 very different creations made from the same kit. Our house may have looked beautiful and festive but I have to admit, the boys’ creation was really impressive!

I hope you’ve all had as much fun as I have today!

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