Blogmas Day 8: My Christmas Jumpers!

It’s Blogmas Day 8!

Christmas jumpers are one of my favourite things about Christmas. Each year I add another to my collection. I love seeing everybody’s Christmas jumpers so today I thought I would show you my little collection!

My first ever Christmas jumper! Featuring a Skiing Santa! This one was from the Primark Men’s section a few years ago.

My second Christmas jumper is from the Primark Women’s section. It has a cute Christmasy cat on it because I am a crazy cat lady. It’s also extra festive with sequins, a pompom, and bells on it!

This jumper is more of a fleece and was given to me for Christmas last year. It’s Tesco’s F&F from the Women’s section. The faux fur collar is so warm and soft. It’s the coziest jumper I have ever worn!

This year’s jumper is a red polar bear jumper from Primark’s Men’s section. I got it in a small but it is still oversized and cosy which I love! It cost £12 (I think?!) I just love having a red Christmas jumper, it makes me look and feel extra festive!

Do you have any fun Christmas jumpers?

5 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 8: My Christmas Jumpers!”

  1. These are all SO cute, I love both reindeer ones, they’re so adorable 😊 I’ve always wanted to wear a Christmas jumper because they look SO festive and cozy, but it’s summer here in South Africa during Christmas 🎄

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  2. So cute! I love the reindeer one haha. I actually only have two Christmas jumpers and one Christmas top. All of which I bought solely to wear to work for the month but still, I love them nonetheless! One is just a tree but I got given a little bag of Velcro candy canes and baubles with it to stick to it (which made for endless fun for literally e v e r y o n e) when I wore it haha. This years jumper is, again, a Christmas tree with another twist. It lights up! And the xmas top I got just says ‘don’t get your tinsel in a twist’

    Thought I’d share with you seeing as you appreciate the jumpers so much lmao. Fab post, makes me want to do a haul of my own! 🙂

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