Blogmas Day 4: 12 Things I Love About Christmas!

It’s Blogmas Day 4!

Today I’ve been thinking about all the things I love about Christmas and to spread some festive cheer I decided to share some of my favourites with you!

Decorating the Christmas tree
There is nothing like the family coming together, putting some Christmas songs on, getting the Christmas decorations out and decorating the tree. It is always magical!

I love it when it is chilly enough to wrap up warm outdoors or cuddle up under a blanket indoors. Crunchy grass, frosty leaves, winter coats, cosy scarves and jumpers. So. Much. Cosiness.

Christmas Lights
Lights sparkling everywhere. In shop windows, on people’s Christmas trees, around people’s houses, through the parks. Everywhere feels merry and bright!

All those cute little festive touches around people’s homes and in the shops. There’s so much to soak in and I just love seeing all the different ways people choose to decorate for the holidays!

Christmas jumpers
What’s better then cosy jumpers in winter? Cosy festive jumpers with bells, pompoms and Christmas designs.

Christmas parties and get togethers!
Seeing friends and family that you probably haven’t a chance to see in months. Long catch ups, laughs, and lots of yummy food and drink! Perfect.

Finding the perfect presents!
Finding the perfect present for somebody makes me very happy. And then wrapping it in gorgeous paper and ribbon makes me even happier!

Mince pies, gingerbread men, shortbread in the shape of stars, chocolates. I could go on.

Vlogmas & Blogmas
Seeing what all of my favourite YouTubers and bloggers have been up to each day makes me feel extra festive and encourages me to have lots of holiday fun!

Kids everywhere getting in the Christmas spirit and going crazy with excitement over Santa visiting on the 24th. It’s cute, exciting and oh so magical.

Christmas Movies
Chances are I’ve already seen a few Christmas movies throughout the year but they feel so much more magical when you’ve got some Christmas-themed snacks, your cosy jumper is on and the Christmas lights are shining all around you.

That Christmas Feeling
No matter what has happened in the last year, you know that Christmas is there to comfort you at the end of it all. You can find time to celebrate and relax and surround yourself with good food, great company and lots of love.

What are your favourite things about Christmas?

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