Blogmas Day 2: A Gift Guide For Him


When I announced that I would be taking part in Blogmas lots of people suggested I post a gift guide! So, with a little help from my other half, Will, we’ve made a list of 20 gift ideas For Him.

1) PC Games/Video Games
Is he into gaming? Or maybe you know he’s getting a new console for Christmas? Why not get him one of the many games he’s been waiting for.

2) T-Shirts
T-Shirts are always a great gift because they are often inexpensive and can be personal especially if they feature his favourite band, movie or TV show.

3) A Hat
Hats are another great gift idea! It’s a season essential and probably not something they would buy for themselves. They make a great stocking filler too!

4) Mini Table Football or Air Hockey
This is something you can enjoy together and will be great fun on Christmas day!

5) Socks
It’s a cliche but it’s always needed! People joke about receiving socks for Christmas but honestly, you can never have enough socks. Maybe find some socks with fun designs, a socks gift set or treat them to some more expensive, branded socks!

6) A Scarf or Jersey for their favourite sports team
Does your ‘Him’ have a favourite sports team? Maybe buy them some merchandise such as a new scarf or a personalised jersey!

7) Fragrance
A new fragrance is always a great gift because it looks like you’ve really made an effort. If you don’t know what they like you could always go into a fragrance store, have a look at some fragrance guides online or go for a classic such as Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein or Diesel!

8) A Box Set
If your ‘Him’ loves TV or film you can’t go wrong with getting him a box set or maybe a few seasons of their favourite show!

9) Men’s Grooming Set
Whether that’s a fancy new shaving set or some beard care products, grooming sets make great gifts because it is something they are unlikely to treat themselves to!

10) Shoe Care Kit
Shoe care kits are a great gift for the smarter ‘Him’s in your life. Especially with the colder weather, shoes are going to need more care than usual. To help him look his best, you could find him a shoe care kit in a little travel bag that he could take with him on the go!

11) Skincare Products
Maybe your ‘Him’ is like my ‘Him’ and sometimes uses your skincare stuff? Why not buy him his own! It’s like a gift for both of you!

12) Travel Bag/Weekender Bag
Will was given one of these years ago and he uses it a lot. It fits everything he might ever need for a weekend away!

13) Flasks
Flasks make a great gift for those guys that love spending time outdoors whether that’s playing sport, fishing, walking or traveling. Why not buy them a great quality flask to hold their coffee while they’re out and about?

14) Albums/Vinyl Record
My go to present for all of the music lovers in my life. There’s always going to be another album on their wishlist that you can surprise them with!

15) Headphones
I don’t know about you but I could never have enough headphones.

16) A Wallet
Because they don’t always use a bag and tend to shove everything in their pockets they get through wallets fast and it is up to somebody else to tell them they need a new one.

17) A Gift Experience
Maybe your ‘Him’ loves food? Cars? Relaxing? You could treat them to a stadium tour of their favourite sports club, a spa day, a cookery class, a driving experience! There are so many options and, even better, you could go too!

18) A Christmas Jumper/Shirt
If you want to get them a more festive gift, why not find them a great Christmas jumper or festive shirt? It’s fun, cheery and they could wear it on Christmas Day!

19) Tickets
This is one of my favourite gifts! It’s personal and you just know that they will love it. Maybe try and get cinema tickets for a movie they’ve been counting down to, a sporting event they love, the theatre, a concert or maybe a local event they’ve been wanting to go to!

20) Vouchers/Gift Cards
When in doubt, get a voucher. If they like gaming maybe a Game or Steam voucher. Film? A gift card for your local cinema. Clothes? A gift card for their favourite clothing store.


I hope this list gave you some ideas for your Christmas shopping! I hope you are having a lovely day!
Shannon(& Will!!!)

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