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Nemesis (An Astralis Companion – Book 1.5)

My review of K.J. McPike’s Nemesis…

Book: Nemesis30968502

Author: K.J. McPike

Pages: 388

Genre: Young Adult/Fantasy/Paranormal

Age Recommendation: 12+

Published: 30/08/2016

Publisher: Terracotta Rose Publishing in association with Fuzzy Hedgehog Press

ISBN: 9781628025026


“Of course there would be something else to complicate things; I couldn’t catch a break with a net the size of Texas.”

Last year I read K.J. McPike’s XODUS and it quickly made it to my top 5 reads of 2015. I loved everything about the book and the characters and was desperate to read more of their story. But I especially wanted to know more about Kai. I couldn’t wait to hear his side of the story so I jumped at the chance to read McPike’s latest Astralis novel, Nemesis.

Nemesis gives us the events before, during and after XODUS from Kai’s point of view. The story flows just as well as the first and despite including the same conversations and events, the depth and complexity of Kai’s character meant the story never felt repetitive. In fact, it was heartbreaking. Fueled by emotions and internal moral conflict, Kai was driven to do terrible things for the people he cares about the most. This story shows he’s not a villain, he’s simply human.

Nemesis added so much to depth to the world of the Astralis series and I am so excited to see where the series goes next!

I highly recommend the series to everybody with a love for paranormal and urban fantasy novels.

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