A (Slightly Unsuccessful) Day in the Life

I’ve been trying to come up with ideas for new posts to keep my blog updated while I adapt to my new home, new job and try to catch up on reading!

I thought it would be fun to make a ‘Day in the life’ post. As it turns out, it was a bit of a disaster. My day was hectic and I spent a lot of time on buses and not enough time taking pictures to illustrate my day! I wasn’t going to share this post but then I realised, not every day will be perfect and that is okay 🙂 
So here we go…

6.30 am
Alarm #1
This is basically the alarm that says “You have 5 minutes to catch up on social media before you have to get up!”

6.35 am
Alarm #2
Time to get up, cleanse and moisturise and put on some Brooklyn Nine-Nine to keep me happy.

6.40 am

The One When It’s Too Early
Brushed my hair, did my makeup and got dressed for work! I spent a lot of this time thinking about when I lived 2 minutes away from work and could roll out of bed at 8 am.

7.20 am

Where did the time go?
It’s time to make breakfast! Half a cup of tea and a tiny bowl of cereal because I’m running late.

7.35 am
Bye Bye Breakfast
I didn’t have time to finish my favourite meal of the day. This is not a great start. Time to brush my teeth and say bye to Will!

7.40 am

Ran to the bus stop, got there right on time. This day isn’t so bad after all.

7.50 am
Spoke too soon.
The bus didn’t arrive on time and it has started to rain.

8.00 am

The bus arrived and everyone is soaked and angry. The bus is crowded and smells of smoke. Somebody is playing early 2000 dance remixes too loudly and on repeat. Meh.

8.45 am
The longest bus journey has come to an end and it’s time to run to work.

8.50 am
Made it!

1.00 pm
I finished work 15 minutes late but the sun is shining and I helped a cute family find some sparkly wellington boots for their toddler so that really is all that matters.

1.15 pm
Mission Impossible
My sister and I need pumpkin puree for a recipe but even in the middle of October, it’s not easy to find!

1.30 pm
Lunch Break!
I gave up looking and bought lunch. The pastries I usually buy were sold out because that is the kind of day I am having. On the bright side, I bought a doughnut and an iced coffee. I was very hungry after my mission so I forgot to take a photo but I can assure you it was a very yummy lunch.

2.00 pm

I’m going on an adventure!
I gave up in the city and caught the bus to continue my mission at a supermarket nearby.

2.30 pm
Back on the bus!
Still no puree. I had a fun adventure, met some really nice sales assistants but I’m heading home now.
2.45 pm
The sun is shining!
Walking home from the bus stop in the sunshine! Very different to this morning’s weather. Good ol’ British weather.

2.50 pm

Catch Up
This is basically when I just sat down, had a drink and told She-ra the cat and Will about my adventures.

3.00 pm
Social media catch up and time to reply to comments on my blog!

3.10 pm

Read some more of K.J. McPike’s latest book to brighten my day!

3.30 pm
Making plans!
Planning an exciting autumnal walk with my sister. We plan to bring our boyfriends, yummy food and take loads of photos. We’re so excited and I can’t stop planning.

4.00 pm
Catch up time
My youngest brother, Ewan, stays round on Tuesdays so we all had a catch-up

4.20 pm
Back to reading!

5.10 pm
Woke up with the book on my screen and my hand ready to scroll to the next page. That’s what happens when you get too cosy.

5.40 pm
Dinner time!
Burgers and chips – yum! 😀

6.20 pm
YouTube catch up
Tanya Burr got her ears pierced and Carrie Flecther is releasing a Christmas novella! It’s a great day! (That isn’t sarcasm, I mean that now)

7.00 pm
Mission Continued…
No one sells puree in this city. I give up.

7.30 pm
Ewan needed a hand with his maths homework and it took 5 adults and Google before we could settle on an answer.

7.35 pm

Animal Crossing
I updated my paths to look more autumnal and I put on a sweater. This is much better than algebra.

7.45 pm
Back to algebra
This played out pretty much the same as before. Thank goodness for the Internet.

8.20 pm
YouTube & Beer
Because there was a reason why I had extra maths lessons in school. And Zoella is far better than equations.

9.15 pm
Mamma Bear Visits
Mum stopped by after work so we had a long overdue chit-chat about work and life.

9.45 pm
Pyjamas and Pretty Little Liars
Because that is the perfect end to a crazy day. I will never get bored of Pretty Little Liars.

11.30 pm

If you made it to the end of this post, well done! I am sorry there weren’t more pictures and that it wasn’t more entertaining! As it turns out, tinned pumpkin puree is being discontinued in my city. Sinead and I have decided to make some from scratch on Friday. Keep an eye out for our baking blog posts! And when you read them, remember my crazy day hunting for puree.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful week!

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2 thoughts on “A (Slightly Unsuccessful) Day in the Life”

  1. Wow, thats some day you have there. I use pure canned pumpkin for my pumpkin spice cupcakes. The canned pumpkin is super soft and you could probably just throw it in the blender and make a puree out of it. It is relatively easy to find here where I live. Good luck on your mission!


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