World Suicide Prevention Day 2016

Every year I like to try and play a part in National Suicide Prevention Week. One of the ways in which I do this is by writing a blog post that helps to raise awareness! This year I am really excited about the World Suicide Prevention Day campaign which uses author Matt Haig’s powerful words from Reasons To Stay Alive.

This week, the 2016 World Suicide Prevention Day campaign was announced in an article by the To Write Love On Her Arms‘ creative director and author of If I Feel Too Much, Jamie Tworkowski.

This year’s campaign is named ‘And so I kept living’ and comes from author Matt Haig’s Reasons To Stay Alive. The memoir explores how Haig learned to triumph over depression and learned to feel more alive. When asked what the words mean to him, Matt Haig offered this:

“I think the statement is just a declaration that life is not always going to be the same, that when we feel we are in the bad place we have to ride it out, because there will be many better times, many better versions of us, which we can reach simply by holding—no KNEW—everything would get worse. It didn’t. Depression lies. And I found beauty in life after I thought it had been made extinct.”

On average, one person dies by suicide every 40 seconds somewhere in the world.
Intentional Suicide Statistics

2016 has been a particularly tough year for many people. I believe that it is more important than ever to use the power of your words and the internet to spread love and hope around the world. September 5th – 11th is National Suicide Prevention week in the US and September 10th is World Suicide Prevention Day. Throughout the week, you can play your part by sharing informative tools, words of hope and help, and starting conversations on social media using the hashtags #WSPD16 #NSPW16. You can also share Matt Haig’s words and share the reasons why you keep living using  #IKeptLiving.

So why not make the most of the internet and go and spread hope in any way that you can!






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