And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

I am achieving my goal to read some classics and so far I am loving it.

Book: And Then there Were None

Author: Agatha Christie

Pages: 250 (Paperback)

Genre: Crime / Mystery/ Thriller

Age Recommendation: 16+

Published: 01/03/03 (First Published 06/11/1939)

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

ISBN: 9780007136834


“One of us in this very room is in fact the murderer.”

Description from Goodreads:

First, there were ten – a curious assortment of strangers summoned as weekend guests to a private island off the coast of Devon. Their host, an eccentric millionaire unknown to all of them, is nowhere to be found. All that the guests have in common is a wicked past they’re unwilling to reveal – and a secret that will seal their fate. For each has been marked for murder. One by one they fall prey. Before the weekend is out, there will be none. And only the dead are above suspicion.

Until this year, I had never really read any classics. I studied Frankenstein in school but that was 5 or 6 years ago now. This year I made it my goal to read a few classics. I picked this one because I love a mystery. Mysteries make me so excited. My brain goes crazy and I just have to have answers or I probably won’t relax for a really long time. So what better than reading one of the world’s best selling mystery novels?

I haven’t reviewed a mystery before and I’ll admit I am not sure how to without giving anything away? I know how hard I had to work to order this book online and avoid all spoilers so I will keep this post brief.

Reading And Then There Were None was such an adventure. It was creative, complicated and really creepy. I so desperately wanted to find out how it ended but at the same time I was too scared to read on.  I did manage to solve the mystery in the last 100 pages but that was only because when I wasn’t reading, I continued to try and solve it. But it didn’t ruin my fun. The second I finished the book I wanted to read another! I know what I will be putting on my Christmas list this year.
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