DIY Bookmarks!

Whenever I need a bookmark, I usually grab whatever I can find. A scrap of paper, a piece of string or a paperclip will do. This week I was feeling creative so I decided to create my own bookmarks! There’s loads of printable bookmarks online but I found it so much fun creating my own!

All you need:
1 Black pen
Colouring pencils/ pens
Another bookmark to use as a stencil (optional – I just found it easier)

I simply cut out some bookmarks from the card, used a black pen to write some bookish words and added a bit of colour! I had so much creating these and I am really happy with them. I will definitely be making some more!


Have you tried making your own bookmarks?
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96 thoughts on “DIY Bookmarks!”

  1. These are so sweet, I love your lettering skills, the calligraphy is beautiful and the colours make them look so cute! You have definitely inspired me to make my own. Do you mind if I post about my own? I’ll include a link to your page of course!

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  2. I wish I had the effort and creativity to make something as lovely as these, as I usually just use a standard yellow post it not but I will endeavour to follow your instructions and try to create something that is half as lovely as yours!

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I usually just use anything I can find but I found it so much fun creating my own bookmarks I will definitely be making some more soon!

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  3. Love the idea of making your own bookmarks. I can never find one when I need it so I will be creating one myself today. Thank you.

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