R.I.P It or Ship It Book Tag

This tag was created by emmmabooks. I wasn’t tagged to do this tag but sometimes tags look so much fun I just do them anyway! So let’s start!The rules:

1. Write down the names of random characters from different books on scraps of paper. You can do as many as you like (I chose to do 20)

2. Put them in a container of your choosing (I used a little chest)

3. Pull out two names at a time and display the happy/unhappy couples.

4. It’s decision time! Do you ship them?

Couple #1
Augustus Waters & Luna Lovegood
(The Fault in Our Stars & Harry Potter)
IMG_1590_editedAugustus is lighthearted, charming and a great listener. Luna is caring, wise and a little bit crazy. There’d never be a dull moment in their relationship! Just lots of love and adventure.
I Ship It.

Couple #2
Katniss Everdeen & Fletcher Renn
(The Hunger Games & Skulduggery Pleasant)
IMG_1592_editedHe may secretly be loving and insecure but at first sight, Fletcher is self-centered, arrogant and isn’t great at showing his emotions. Sadly Katniss is kind of the same. I’m sure this is a recipe for disaster.

Couple #3
Magnus Bane & Margo Roth Spiegelman
(The Mortal Instruments & Paper Towns)
IMG_1595_edited Margo is a manic pixie dream girl and arguably, so is Magnus. He is a flamboyant, confident and glamorous warlock who leads a pretty exciting life already. Magnus needs someone a little more reserved. I think these two are better off having separate adventures.

Couple #4
Tobias Eaton & Valkyrie Cain
(Divergent & Skulduggery Pleasant)
IMG_1597_editedBoth of these characters have a bit of a dark side but both are also brave, strong, loving and always up for a fight. They would make an excellent team!
I Ship It.

Couple #5
Finnick Odair & Georgia Nicolson
(The Hunger Games & The Confessions of Georgia Nicolson)
IMG_1600_editedWhilst Finnick can be mysterious and flirtatious, he can also be very emotional and easy going. Whilst he might be perfect for Georgia, she probably isn’t perfect for him. She can be very unsympathetic and a drama queen. I think Finnick would find her a bit overwhelming.

Couple #6
Patch Cipriano & Maximum Ride
(Hush, Hush & Maximum Ride)IMG_1601_editedOne had wings, the other has wings so there’ll be no surprises there! Patch is charming, mysterious and secretly very loving. Max is sarcastic, fierce and again, secretly very loving. They’d be unstoppable.
I Ship It.

Couple #7
Thomas & Violet Baudelaire
(The Maze Runner & A Series of Unfortunate Events)
IMG_1604_editedThomas can be a little bit whiny but, like Violet, he’s not afraid to break the rules and figure things out for himself. These two would always be thinking outside the box – they can be curious misfits together.
I Ship It.

Couple #8
Jacob Black & Tris Prior
(Twilight & Divergent)
IMG_1608_editedBoth of these characters are friendly, caring and ready to protect the people they love. Both have a bit of a temper but they are strong enough to stand up to each other. These two might not be made for each other but I think they could make a good go of it!
I Ship It.tumblr_inline_mz1z959WHn1rs4nv6

Couple #9
Ron Weasley & Isabelle Lightwood
(Harry Potter & The Mortal Instruments)IMG_1609_editedRon’s got a great sense of humour but that doesn’t change the fact he is sensitive and very insecure. He couldn’t even ask someone to the Yule Ball. If he was anywhere near Isabelle I am sure he’d run in the other direction!

Couple #10
Fang & Alice Cullen
(Maximum Ride & Twilight)
IMG_1611_editedAlice is bubbly, creative and very optimistic. Fang is mysterious, quiet and brooding. Whilst I am sure Alice could try and bring out his softer side, Fang prefers people who are reserved. I love Alice but she would be a bit much for him.

That tag took a while to do but it was so much fun! If you decide to try it too let me know in the comments!

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