My Favourite Places to Read

Today I thought I would share my favourite reading spots with you!


1) My Living Room! 

Snuggled up on my sofa with some blankets and a cup of tea is one my the coziest places to read a good book.


2) My Bed!

When I read, I like to be cozy. So again, lots of blankets, a cuppa and maybe a hot water bottle to snuggle with makes reading in bed so relaxing!


3) (The stormy part of) Highcliffe Beach, Dorset

Highcliffe beach has been a part of my life since I was very young. The picture above is of what I like to refer to as “the stormy end”. This part of the beach has big waves, it’s breezier and definitely noisier. The sound of the waves drowns out everything as if you are in your own little world.  I find this the perfect environment for reading an adventure novel or a thriller.


4) (The sandy part of) Highcliffe Beach, Dorset

This part of the beach is so sandy and normally more sheltered than the other part of the beach. In nice weather, (which is rare here in England) this part of the beach is absolutely stunning. It’s also really toasty and quiet. This is a perfect, happy place for reading romance novels or something that makes me laugh a lot.


5) My garden!

The garden in my flat is teeny tiny, like me! Unlike me, it consists of a tiny patio with a couple of plants and some garden chairs. The garden has a big wall around it so it is very sheltered and is a perfect spot for reading in the sunshine.


6) My Mum’s Garden!

Finally, curled up in a sunny spot with my little baby Bramble (as long as she sits still anyway!). Reading in the garden with Bramble is some of my favourite summertime memories. The two of us would get lost in books for hours (until she’d get bored and played fetch with her toy ‘Bunny’ instead).

Do you have a favourite reading spot? 🙂 
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