Book News: Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth

This week I am really excited about Veronica Roth’s upcoming book: Carve the Mark

Here is what I know so far:

  • It will be a sci-fi duology
  • Release date for the 1st book is 17th January 2017
  • The story is about a heroine and hero named Cyra and Akos who are two people from different worlds that become unexpected allies
  • It is set on a planet where violence and vengeance rule
  • Everyone develops a unique power that is meant to shape their future – these gifts can make them powerful or vulnerable
  • You can read an excerpt here:

After enjoying the Divergent book series so much, I can’t wait to read more by Veronica Roth!

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      1. Thank you! My main tip is definitely make sure there’s good lighting – natural light is the best! I use a DSLR Canon 100D but I’m sure most cameras can create a professional looking picture if there’s plenty of light 🙂


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