A Tour of My Bookshelves

love having a nosy at other people’s bookshelves so here is a little tour of mine!

My bookshelves are my favourite thing about my tiny apartment. They’re the first pieces of furniture I ever put up by myself and they instantly made the room look more cosy. The shelves aren’t quite big enough to hold all of my books and DVDs so they aren’t very tidy but they hold all of my favourite things so, to me they are perfect.

My bookshelves are two sets of shelves fitted together. On the right-hand side are my many DVDs and boxsets – mostly sorted into alphabetical order. On the left-hand side of my shelves are my books (and Will’s much smaller collection)!

My top shelf is my tidy, newly created, rainbow shelf. Mainly made up of YA, this shelf features all of my colourful books. I wish my shelves were bigger so that I could make the rainbow even better!

Whilst creating my rainbow shelf I discovered just how many grey, black and silver books that I own. These books, for now, are all sitting on the second shelf and simply divided up by book series and author. My multicoloured books like Harry Potter are also sitting on this shelf because I can’t bring myself to separate them just yet…

Finally, there is the mixed shelf that has no particular order at the moment. If I had another set of shelves I would be able to tidy this a little. Currently, there are two layers of books on this shelf. Will’s books are at the back (it’s not favouritism, I just read mine more often!) The Mortal Instruments are also at the back because those books are massive and very heavy to keep moving around. The front layer includes graphic novels, trivia books, TV tie-ins and my collection of Skullduggery Pleasant books which are far too heavy to sit on any other shelf!

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