A-Z of Me!

A – Animals
I love animals. Animals turn me into a big kid and make me smile so much my cheeks hurt. Days out that involve seeing animals are the best kind of days out. My favourite animal is an Elephant but I have never seen one in real life and this really upsets me!

B – Baking
I love baking.


C – Cats
I am a crazy cat lady. They’re fluffy, funny, cuddly and so intelligent. When I lived at home, all of the cats in the street used to run out to see me when I left the house. My mum has 3 cats and my dad has 2. Sadly I can’t have pets in my flat but whenever I visit one of my parents I am also there to visit the pets. I can’t get enough.


D – Drawing
I love to draw. Usually animals but I also like to try and draw my favourite TV characters.


E – Emotional
I am extremely emotional. When I am happy I am very happy. When I am sad I am very sad. I have the worst temper. I cry at everything. Watching Disney movies is a rollercoaster.

F – Family
I love my family so much. A day with my family is just as good as a day out seeing animals.


G – Glitter
I love glitter. It’s sparkly, beautiful, it reminds me of Christmas and also of doing arts and crafts when I was in infant school!

H – Harry Potter
I am a Potterhead. Who isn’t?

I – Instagram
My favourite app. I use it a lot because I love taking photos and I love looking at photos.

J – Jelly beans
I love jelly beans and jelly babies and just jelly sweets in general. They remind me of being a kid 🙂

K – Kindness
I love kind people and I am constantly working to be more kind. Not that I am not kind already but sometimes I sound unkind when I don’t mean to. And I have now typed ‘kind’ so many times that it no longer looks like a word to me.

L – Laughing
I love to laugh and that is why I surround myself with fun people and watch a crazy amount of comedy films and shows.

M – Minns
My family name 🙂

N – Neko Atsume
The cat collecting app that is currently taking over my life. You have a yard and you leave out food and cat toys. Lots of different cats come and visit depending on what you leave out and you take photos of the cats  for your album. It’s pretty normal Crazy Cat Lady stuff really…



O – Owls
I think owls are beautiful and magical. My name means ‘Little Wise Owl’. I also own a strange amount of owl themed things.

P – Photographs
I love taking photographs whether they are of my friends, family, animals or landscapes. I love taking as many photos as I can and then looking back at them at the end of the day and realising I have actually captured some really beautiful moments.


Q – Quiet
If I know you, or feel like a know you, I am noisy, bubbly and will not stop talking. But sometimes I just like to be quiet. Not because anything is wrong but because I don’t always want to be chatty.

R – Reading
(Obviously) I love to read almost as much as I love animals. Reading outdoors in the middle of Summer every year since I was 9 is my favourite reading experience ever. Time seems to stop completely.

S – Sunshine
Sunny weather makes me smile almost as much as animals do. A sunny day out seeing animals is my perfect day. For some reason, sunny weather just makes me feel 100 times better about everything. It’s a shame that I live in Britain!

T – TV Shows
I love to watch TV shows. The Walking Dead is my number 1 but I also love Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black, Friends, That 70s Show, The Mindy Project, New Girl, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Melissa & Joey. And that’s just the shows I watch regularly.

U – Umbrella
Umbrellas and I do not have a good relationship. When I was very young I had a super cute 101 Dalmations one. The problem is, I have always been a very tiny person. One day I took my lovely umbrella outside in the windy weather and I literally blew away. That almost happened again last Christmas eve. It is terrifying.

V – Vitamins
Honestly, I couldn’t think of anything else for V. But my multi-vitamins are something I cannot go without. If I forget to take them my hair doesn’t grow, my nails get weak, I get ill all of the time and I will fall asleep around 8pm.

W – Will
Will is my boyfriend and my bestest friend ever. We have known each other for about 7 years (we met halfway through secondary school), we’ve been together for almost 5 years and living together for 2 years. He likes gaming, football and watching movies. He also likes to sing a lot.


X – Xmas
This is not a very creative answer but it is all I have got. It’s my favourite time of year. Food, family, friends, love, films, decorations, giving gifts to the people I love. What is not to love?

Y – Yasmin
Yasmin and her boyfriend Lewis are mine and Will’s best friends. I met Yasmin when I was about 12 and she is the one friend that has always been there for me since. We love her and Lewis lots.


Z – Zombies
I have a variety of plans for the zombie apocalypse. I don’t need to be told it’s impossible. I know that. But it’s much more thorough than any of my plans for the future so I like to keep those plans in mind.

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