New Year, New Ideas!

2016 is here and with it I have had a wave of new ideas for my blog! Here’s a little note of just a few of the changes I will be making this year…

1) A new name! My name, Shannon, means ‘wise one’ or ‘little wise owl’ and therefore, I have chosen The Little Wise Owl as my new blog name. The URL will also be changing within the next 2 weeks. I am very happy with this change, I hope you like it too!

2) A new header Image! I fancied a change so I took a new photo for my header image and this (minus the watermark) will be my new header image!


3) A new ‘Quote of the Week’ feature! I will be sharing one of my favourite quotes every Thursday around 6pm (UK time)

4) Possible guest reviews from my sister Sinead! She has a different taste in books to me so this should widen the content featured on this blog. I hope you enjoy reading what she has to say!

5) A possibility of some video content! As well as all the writing I do on my course at university, I also produce video content. If I find some time in the next few months I may upload some video reviews to change things up a bit!

Thank you for stopping by!
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