Great Worqs – A Student Film-Tech Company

When I am not reading and blogging I am at uni studying media
production. The key topic that comes up all of the time is the importance of building up a large network of connections and an audience. This is especially important if you want to be a filmmaker, but it can also be useful if you want to be a writer. 

Great Worqs  is a platform for readers, writers Screenshot_2015-11-16-07-02-37-1and filmmakers to collaborate, distribute content to a dedicated audience and connect with creative people around the world.

Whether you like to create short stories, poems, short films or trailers, all you have to do is submit (for free) your film or literature to be published and Great Worqs will help you to reach the right audience.

65% of content is screened at festivals and some films have gone viral including “The Life and Death of an iPhone

Screenshot_2015-11-16-07-03-14-1The platform uses algorithms that have been built around quality of content rather than popularity. This makes Great Worqs a great way for underrepresented artists to start building a network!

At the moment, Great Worqs is the biggest student arts platform in Wales and has some of the best young filmmakers in the UK and mainland Europe.

Are you a creative person who might benefit from Great Worqs?
Find them on social media or visit their website 

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