It’s my WordPress Anniversary!

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This morning I woke up feeling really guilty because I hadn’t posted on my blog in 10 whole days. Sometimes life gets a bit hectic and I forget to post. This morning I felt really disappointed in myself until I loaded up WordPress and discovered it has been 1 whole year since I first started this blog! I am now feeling proud of myself.

1 year ago today I had this crazy motivation to set up a blog where I could talk about books, discover books and meet lots of people who would talk about books with me. The problem was a big part of me was thinking “It’s worth a shot but lets face it, it won’t last”. I was almost convinced my motivation would fade away. But 101 posts and 899 visitors later I am actually very proud of myself for sticking with my blog for this long and I am even more determined to carry on blogging!

Thank you to everyone for visiting my blog – today I am one very happy person 🙂

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