The Scorch Trials

A review of The Scorch Trials by James Dashner…
Book: The Scorch TrialsIMG_0262-001.JPG

Author: James Dashner

Pages: 384 (Paperback)

Genre: Young Adult/ Sci-Fi/ Post-Apocalyptic

Age Recommendation: 12+

Published: 04/08/2011

Publisher: Chicken House Ltd

ISBN: 9781906427795


“Let’s all go over there. She could have an army of psycho girl ninjas hiding in that shack of hers.”

[*SPOILERS* – The Maze Runner, book 1 spoilers]

After escaping the maze, Thomas was sure that he and the Gladers were free to live their lives but nobody knew what lives they would be going back to. The earth is a wasteland and now people who have been driven crazy by an infectious disease are roaming the cities. The Gladers now face a new set of challenges out on the open roads and Thomas can only wonder if somewhere in his mind is the secret of freedom.

After finishing The Maze Runner I was so excited to read The Scorch Trials that I started straight away. One of my favourite things about the first book was the maze and since the Gladers had found their way out, I just couldn’t understand where the books could go next and I was really excited to find out! The Scorch Trials did not disappoint me. Like the first installment, I was hooked after a couple of chapters and soon enough I had finished the entire book having enjoyed it just as much as the first. Whilst reading The Scorch Trials you are just as clueless as the Gladers and, like the boys, you start to learn more about life outside the maze and the organisation behind it. The book is also full of surprises and nerve-racking moments that kept me absorbed until the end. If you’ve read The Maze Runner I definitely recommend reading The Scorch Trials if you haven’t already!

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