What I’ve been reading recently…

First of all I realise I’ve been off the grid for weeks. This was the worst feeling. I’d just been going through some major motivation to blog more regularly and suddenly I had 2 deadlines to meet and my life had to revolve around those 2 projects. On the bright-side I was part of a team that created a pretty great LGBT inclusivity video for our uni. Plus I’ve just submitted an essay on the dissident blogosphere in Cuba so at least I was thinking about blogging, right? I will try and post more regularly again now that coursework is dying down a little. I might try another 30 Day Challenge if I can find one 🙂

Despite having to dedicate my life to those projects I still found time to read more books so here’s some mini reviews of the books I’ve been reading recently…

__________The Maze Runner by James Dashner

This is the most recent book I’ve read. It’s been on my shelf for ages and the other day I decided to read a chapter. After that I don’t remember much else because I did not put it down for the next 24hrs. That’s a lie, I slept a bit but when I did I kept dreaming of mazes so I’m not sure if that counts? Anyway… I really loved The Maze Runner! It seems to be aimed at people around the age of 13 but putting that aside, I was addicted. I expected it to be a little bit Hunger Games-y and I guess it was a little bit? But I really enjoyed having a male protagonist for a change and there’s a bit of an early Maximum Ride kind of feel to it by the time you reach the end which was a nice surprise! I’ve now ordered the second book so I have my fingers crossed that it’s also worth the read!!!

__________Let it Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson & Lauren Myracle

This was another book left on my shelf for far too long! This book consists of 3 short stories each written by a different author and each story ties into the next pretty perfectly which made me very happy (kind of like when you watch a movie like Love Actually or Valentine’s Day and everything links together as time goes on). Each story was different enough so that I didn’t get bored. Most of the characters were very lovable and managed to make me laugh to myself the whole way through their part. I’m not ashamed to say that John Green’s story was my very favourite! Overall it was a really relaxing, fun wintry read and I’d recommend it if you’re looking for something short to read.

__________ Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick
It took me a year to actually pick this book up. I loved the Hush, Hush series so much I didn’t want it to end but I finally found the strength to read Finale and I LOVED it. It was such a great end to the series. I laughed, I felt scared and I cried at least twice. I’m still sad that they’re over but it was a great read with such lovable characters it was all worth it. Definitely going to have to read more from Becca Fitzpatrick.
__________Four by Veronica Roth

LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED this. It breaks my heart that it is such a short book. Four is my favourite character in the Divergent series and I couldn’t get enough of learning more about him and his life before Tris. He’s quite a mysterious character in the first book so it was nice to read his thoughts on things like the Initiation process. I hate to say it but I might have enjoyed reading from Four’s point of view more than I liked reading the series from Tris’s. And I loved the series a lot so that is saying something.

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