Books I’d Want On a Desert Island

So I was scrolling through Facebook when I found this meme…


First of all it made me laugh a LOT. But then it got me thinking about what books I would want with me on a desert island! My list was pretty endless but I’ve managed to break it down to my top five!

5) Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland- Lewis Carroll

Alice is one of my favourite books so being on a desert island without it would be kind of upsetting. It’s only a small book so it wouldn’t keep me busy for very long but it makes me laugh and it’s full of adventure so it feels like a good book to have with me.

4) Paper Towns -John Green

This is my favourite John Green novel because, again, it’s full of adventure. Most of the time it is pretty cheerful so at least I wouldn’t be crying whilst stranded on the island. Paper Towns is also a book that I would never mind reading over and over again which would obviously be a bonus if I was stranded somewhere!

3) My True Love Gave To Me – (edited by) Stephanie Perkins 

This choice is kind of cheating because it is 12 short stories so it is a bit like having 12 tiny books. Each story is very different but equally as good as the last so having this book with me would give me no time to get bored. Also, the stories are based in the winter so I’d hope this book would make me feel cooler if I ever got fed up with the heat on the desert island.

2) The Spectacular Now -Tim Tharp

This is also a favourite of mine. Again, it is only a short book but I’d be able to read it over and over without getting fed up with it. This book makes me smile a lot so it would cheer me up if I started feeling lonely. It does make me cry occasionally but at least there’d be nobody around to see me cry like a baby.

1) Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince -J.K. Rowling

Finally, my favourite Harry Potter book. (2nd favourite is #3)
I have read this book so many times that my copy no longer has a spine so I am confident this book would keep me busy until I could be rescued from the island. I’d have to buy another copy before I get stranded though, if I were to try and read 1 chapter of my current copy I am certain it will fall apart completely.

4 thoughts on “Books I’d Want On a Desert Island”

  1. That’s what’s awesome about us bookworms. Stranded on a deserted island and we worry more about what books to keep us busy instead of actually getting out of the island. Haha xD


  2. I’ve done a similar list to this but it is so hard to choose! And #6 is my favourite HP too and my copy is also on its last legs after it got dropped in the bath (twice)

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    1. It is very difficult to choose! Although I think a HP book is a must! Sounds like both of our copies are doing well to still be in 1 piece!

      Liked by 1 person

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