Day 23: A book you’re embarrassed to say that you enjoyed

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Now is as good a time as any to admit I enjoyed Twilight. The entire series. I adored them.

I got through the series really quickly and got so into them I am certain I welled up a few times whilst reading. I still wish to this day that Midnight Sun had been published properly, I really enjoyed what I’d read of it. My favourite book in the series was Eclipse, I guess I would say the same about the movies! I remember the hype that surrounded the books around the release of the first movie in 2008. Everybody in school was reading them and talking about them. You couldn’t walk into a classroom without seeing somebody attempting to read one of them under the desk. It got so bad that my English teacher at the time came up with a really lazy idea of teaching which involved “silent reading” for the 1st half of every lesson simply so that she could sit and finish a Twilight book a week. I didn’t mind too much back then, I wanted to finish reading them too.

I understand – Romance, Vampires and Shape Shifters? It was all so new and exciting, especially when you’re 13/14 and just getting into the romance genre. Now you can mention any vampire-themed novel and people will say something along the lines of “Eurghh it’s just another Twilight kind of thing” as if it’s the worst thing to be compared to ever. I think people forget just how much they loved it to begin with.

Sure, I can admit it isn’t the greatest series ever written (of course we all know that is Harry Potter) but it’s a fun read, it makes me smile and will always have a place on my bookshelves. It reminds me of the hype back when I was in school and everyone was desperate to read a book. When everyone was super excited for the next movie even though the first one wasn’t even that great.

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