Day 21: A book I never actually finished

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A book I never actually finished is book 1Higher Institute of Villainous Education. 

H.I.V.E. is a series of Young Adult novels written by Mark Walden. It is about a top secret school that was built to train children to become criminal masterminds, but the school is not all that it seems. In the first book, the protagonist, Otto, and his friends try to do something that has never been achieved before – escaping the school alive.  As far as I know, there are now 8 books in the series.

I started reading the first novel when I was in school as part of The Hampshire Book Awards in 2008. I had to read a set list of books and review them, rank them and nominate a winner for the award. This was the one book that I just could not get into. I managed to read half of the book but actually ended up skipping to the end and reading the last few chapters. As it turned out, I wasn’t the only one who did this so I don’t feel as guilty as I did. Looking at the books now, I think there is a chance they were simply not quite right for 13 year old me. They sound like something I’d enjoy now so I might have to go back to them and give them a try.

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