Day 16: Most thought provoking book

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For me this is a really tough question. It’s definitely between The Fault in Our Stars, The Perks of Being a Wallflower and The Spectacular NowSince I have mentioned the first two in my most recent answers I think I will settle with The Spectacular Now as my answer for day 16. The Spectacular Now was one of those books that really made me sit and think whenever I put it down. The characters are brilliant and I loved them both for different reasons. I cared about them so much I could stop thinking about them both, what they stand for, what they want in life and what they lived by. Even though it didn’t take me very long to read, it did stay with me for a really long time and I do still think about it often.

“She’s still smiling her little smile, and it strikes me that, actually, she is drunk, not on alcohol, but on her St. Louis hopes and dreams. I wouldn’t sober her up for anything, but she doesn’t need me anymore. She can hang on to her dreams by herself now.”

(Tharp, 2008)

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