Day 15: A character you can relate to most

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The character I can relate to most is Charlie from The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I can’t always relate to him however I can relate to his introvert personality. Charlie looks at life the same way I have always done and he understands life in the same way that I do. It’s really difficult to explain in words but I can sort of give examples using quotes from Charlie’s letters:

“I am very interested and fascinated how everyone loves each other, but no one really likes each other.”

“So, this is my life. And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I’m still trying to figure out how that could be.”

“I think that if I ever have kids, and they are upset, I won’t tell them that people are starving in China or anything like that because it wouldn’t change the fact that they were upset. And even if somebody else has it much worse, that doesn’t really change the fact that you have what you have.”

(Chbosky, 1999)

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