Day 2: Favourite Character

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I have read a lot of books in my 19 years and I can honestly say that, more often than not, my favourite character changes with every new book I read. I love most characters I ever read about, however, it does really help me if I am reading something in first person. I start to feel like I know them on a more personal level; that is why I particularly love John Green’s characters. By the end of each of his books I am normally an emotional wreck purely because I have come to love the character so much I just want them to be okay.

I love first person novels however there is one genre I find to be even better when it comes to connecting with a character: Epistolary novels. I adore reading books that are written in the form of letters or diary entries. Take The Perks of Being a Wallflower for an example. By the end of that book, Charlie felt like a friend to me. I knew him so well I truly loved him and cared about how his life was going. Still, Charlie is not my favourite character…

My favourite character is Georgia Nicolson from Confessions of Georgia Nicolson. After reading all 10 diaries, it is safe to say I absolutely adore Georgia, her friends, her family and her life in general. Due to the fact each novel has been written like a diary, lots of the content is quite personal so for that reason I honestly felt like her friend. She gets herself into so many hilarious situations, I can’t help but cry with laughter at everything she says.  I could do with somebody like Georgia in my life. So for that reason, Georgia Nicolson is my favourite book character!

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