Day 1: A Book Series You Wish Had Gone On Longer

the 30 day book challenge banner

I have been considering my answer to this question all day and I have thought of 100 different answers but I have decided I am going to be a real Potterhead and say Harry Potter.

I started reading the books when I was around 7 years old and before I knew it those books were my life. If I am honest I think that was the case for most of my family. Every year we’d count down to the next book and one of my parents would have to rush to the shops to buy everyone a copy the moment it was released. After that followed 48hrs of pure silence that was only broken by mum making us cups of tea or somebody sobbing uncontrollably when characters were killed off.

When we weren’t reading the books we were talking about them or watching the movies. We were addicted but there was nothing wrong with that, everybody I ever spoke to at the time was going through the same thing. I miss those times a lot and I miss growing up with Harry and Hogwarts. I also really wish I knew more about life after the battle of Hogwarts or even the story of Harry’s children. I want to know what the magical world was like with Kingsley Shacklebolt as Minister for Magic. J. K. Rowling’s short stories have been amazing but I always wish I knew a lot more. I really could go on forever.

For that reason, 100% Harry Potter is the book series I wish had gone on longer forever!!!

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