The 30 Day Book Challenge

the 30 day book challenge banner

No matter how many times I say “I WILL post a review or something this week” university gets in the way and suddenly it’s another Monday and I still haven’t published a post for the last week. Honestly? I haven’t even had time to sit and read even a page of a book. Last time I tried, I woke up 2 hours later realising I should probably cook dinner and then get some coursework done.

30 days from now I will be 20 years old and enjoying my Christmas break, hopefully I’ll be tucked up on the sofa reading a good book! That means that 30 days from now I should be able to go back to posting every week again. Until then, what could be a better way to fill the time than completing a ’30 Day Book Challenge’?

So, starting from tomorrow, these will be my questions:

DAY 1.  A book series you wish had gone on longer 

DAY 2.  Favourite character

DAY 3. The longest book you have read

DAY 4 . Book that was turned into a movie that disappointed you 

DAY 5. A “comfort” book

DAY 6. The book you have read the most number of times

DAY 7. Guilty pleasure book

DAY 8. An underrated book

DAY 9. An overrated book 

DAY 10. A book you didn’t think you would like but ended up loving

DAY 11. Favourite classic book

DAY 12 . A book you have wanted to read for ages but still haven’t 

DAY 13. A book that disappointed you

DAY 14. A book that made you cry

DAY 15. A character who you can relate to the most

DAY 16. Most thought provoking book

DAY 17. An author I wish people would read more

DAY 18. A book you wish you could live in

DAY 19. A favourite author

DAY 20. Favourite childhood book

DAY 21. A book you never actually finished

DAY 22. The best book you have read in the last year

DAY 23. A book you’re embarrassed to say you enjoy/enjoyed

DAY 24. Book that makes you laugh out loud

DAY 25. A book that has been on your “To Read” list the longest

DAY 26. A favourite quote from a book

DAY 27. A book you hated

DAY 28. A book you couldn’t put down 

DAY 29. Favourite book that was turned into a movie

DAY 30. The most surprising plot twist or ending

Feel free to join in!!!

(I created the banner but you’re welcome to use it if you give credit)


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