The Underground Storyteller

Book: The Underground Storytellerthe underground storyteller book cover

Author: Alex Day

Pages: 290 (Paperback)

Genre: Travel

Age Recommendation: 12+

Published: 2014

Publisher: Alex Day

The author, Alex Day, published this himself. It is available as an eBook, audiobook or paperback from his website:


“Obviously I didn’t say anything because I know it would be weird to have a stranger tell you they’ve noticed your scent, no matter what the reason, but isn’t that a shame? It’s good to be complimented. She went through that whole day and might never have been told that she smelled nice, but she did and I wish she’d been told.”


“What would happen if the London Underground ceased to exist?

When I visited Wales to find the oldest passenger train in existence, I discovered it wasn’t there. Faced with the idea that this could happen to the Tube, I set off to visit every station – all 270 of them – to see what stories they had to share and preserve them forever. This is the tale of my obsession and of the human stories that are only a train ride away.”





Alex Day is a musician, vlogger and writer from the UK. My sister first introduced me to his YouTube channel nearly 2 years ago now and I’ve been a loyal fan ever since. My sister and I were so excited to hear that Alex would be writing a book but were really disappointed to hear that the publishers had cancelled it. Last week, Alex announced that the book would be released independently and it was some of the greatest news we’d heard all year!! In fact, we both went straight to his website to buy our physical copies and we were lucky enough to have both of our books signed and each allocated the name of one of the 270 London Underground stations! (Obviously we are super proud of this!)

The book tells the story of Alex’s adventures on the Tube and at every station. There are so many entertaining little stories to hear throughout the book including those about people Alex met along the way and a lot of fascinating facts about London, trains and British history – I actually learned a lot from reading this little book. I was also really surprised (in a good way) about how well Alex writes. This is his first book and it is so well written you’d think that he has been publishing novels for years. It sounds funny but he constantly reminded me of a character that John Green could have thought up! Did you read the quote I included near the top of this post? Alex has such deep thoughts sometimes when he is thinking about the world; he starts to sound a lot like John Green. It’s nice because I love people like that. I’m a lot like that too.

But it’s not all serious – I laughed a lot whilst reading this book. There are little afterthoughts and footnotes the whole way through that often made me chuckle. It was fun to not only hear about Alex’s travels but also Alex’s life in general. I was especially happy to hear I am not the only person who never learned to ride a bike! Until now I always thought it was just me – so thank you, Alex, for making me realise I am not alone on that one!!!

So whether you are a fan of Alex Day, the London Underground or even just interested in reading a book about somebodies travels around the stations, I’d definitely recommend giving The Underground Storyteller a read! I am super happy that I did.


As promised, if you want to check out Alex’s vlogs here is a link to his YouTube channel:

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