Book: Seconds: A Graphic Novelseconds book cover art

Author: Bryan Lee O’Malley

Pages: 336

Genre: Graphic Novel

Age Recommendation: 15+

Published: 14/08/2014

Publisher: SelfMadeHero

ISBN: 9781906838881


“Lis, it’s not that I don’t respect your adorable goblin rules … But I think I’ve been doing just fine without them.”


Katie’s life is pretty good. She is a talented young chef; she runs a successful restaurant and has plans to open an even better one. All at once things start to go bad. He ex-boyfriend turns up, the progress on the new location goes downhill fast and her best waitress gets hurt. Katie needs a second chance. Luckily for her, a mysterious girl appears in the middle of the night with some basic instructions on how to make a change. But there are rules, and Katie doesn’t care about rules.


This week I read another amazing graphic novel that was, again, recommended by my sister. I read it in 3 hours.

Seconds is a fantastic full-colour graphic novel from Bryan Lee O’Malley, the author and artist of the bestselling Scott Pilgrim series. The artwork is incredible. I actually felt like I was watching a comedy movie at times. There are loads of little arrows and snide annotations next to characters the whole way through that made me chuckle. Katie also responds to comments made in the narrative which I found hilarious. The fact that this novel is in colour is also amazing, I have never read a graphic novel in colour before and it was a really fun change. The story itself was really gripping. It’s a basic story with a really strong moral so it is a nice easy read – it’s a bit like a fairy tale for young adults. Katie is a 20 something year old who wants to change the things that are going wrong in her life but everything happens for a reason and this is what Katie needs to learn. It sounds a little mean but I loved hearing about what when wrong every time she tried to change something. Obviously I knew she should’ve just let everything be but it really made me think about my life and what would be different if certain things hadn’t happened to me! Aside from all the serious stuff Seconds has a really fun magical side as it is a house spirit that allows Katie to have the power to change her past. This spirit is a brilliant, mysterious character who becomes a big part of the story and I really enjoyed learning about her as Katie does.

If you’re a fan of graphic novels I’d definitely recommend this book. It is super entertaining and a great way to spend a few hours of your time. Even if you don’t normally read graphic novels I think this would be a really great book to start with! It’s an easy read, a really fantastic story and gorgeous to look at!

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