The End of an Era…

On August 28th, the 9th and final Skulduggery Pleasant book was released. As I am yet to review most of the series and The Dying of the Light  was only released a few days ago I won’t be giving a proper review yet as I don’t want to spoil anything for those fans who might still be reading it (Only strange people like me finished it in under 24 hours!) I will however be chatting about the release of the book, the limited editions and meeting more fans like me and getting to chat with Derek Landy at his book signing!                                                                                              

I started reading Skulduggery Pleasant when I was 13 as part of The Hampshire Book Awards 2008. When the award went to Derek Landy, all the pupils who played a part in the voting got to meet Derek Landy, have a book signed and get to hear a bit more about the series and how many books there would be etc. Back then, when Derek stood on that stage and said that he wanted to write 9 books – we were all amazed by it, these books would be going on for years!!! That is the thing about starting to read a series right from the introduction of book 1. You can’t even begin to imagine it coming to an end. But nearly 7 years on and here it is. The final book is out, I know how it ends and it is over. Out of all the books I started reading in my childhood; Skulduggery Pleasant was the last series left to come to an end. It’s the end of an era.Limited Edition Cover

My best friend messaged me a couple of weeks back with a list of Derek Landy’s book signings and we decided we just had to go! Having both been there getting our books signed all those years ago it only made sense to go again for the last book. Soon enough it was release day and I waited outside my local Waterstones to get my copy of the book! Half an hour later I found myself owning 1 of 1,000 special limited edition books. I am so lucky to own one! It was a goooood day.

On Friday, my friend and I attended the book signing in Bournemouth. It was an incredible day. It was so amazing to meet so many other fans! I admit, at 19 nearly 20 years old, we were the oldest there but it was so great seeing kids who must have been as young as 6 lining up to meet Derek. I got to spend around 2 hours getting to know people and getting to hear their opinions on the series and their favourite characters. The first thing I really noticed is the fact that not one person in the room had a single negative thing to say about any of the books. It was also great to see how much everybody LOVES Derek himself. It is great when you can love the author as much as their books. He is fantastic. He has such a fun, strong personality and spent so much time chatting to everybody, it really built up an amazing atmosphere in the store and you just couldn’t help but have a great time.

signed book

 Everyone also had really great questions about the books! These included things like movie possibilities and which character everybody thinks Derek is most like. The latter question was the one I found most interesting! I had always seen him as Skulduggery Pleasant because they both have such strong, confident personalities however after some discussions I came to realise that maybe he is bit of a mix of Skulduggery and Gordon.  Do you have another theory? Or maybe you went to a signing and had some interesting questions answered? Let me know! It’d be great to hear from more fans.

As for movie news, apparently we are going to hear an exciting announcement very soon. It is my understanding that Derek confirmed that there will be a movie and that at the moment he is writing the script. So keep an eye out over the next few weeks!!!


(Please note that although I have finished the book many people haven’t, if you chose to comment consider marking it as a spoiler to avoid surprising people!!!)

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